Did Brad Pitt’s head get really wrinkly or is that just your crown molding? If you have a projector but no projector screen, you’re getting subpar picture quality and are wasting a great machine. Even if your wall is a crisp, spotless white, any imperfections will be obvious.

Best Projector Screen Features to Look Out For

If you’re getting a cheaper screen, you can spring for a budget projector. For optimum viewing, you want a screen that holds its place to create a uniform picture and reflects light as accurately as possible. Technically, you could watch movies on a white bed sheet, but you’d no doubt experience some wrinkles. But future models should keep advancing, meaning you may be wise to purchase a screen that can support 8K or even 16K-resolution images.

Aeon StarBright 9™ Series

Other than short-throw projectors, most projectors can often fit a 100-inch screen from a distance of roughly 10 feet. The picture on the Silver Ticket is really impressive for its low price. The screen performs an excellent job of displaying detail and texture in a 1080p image. During the viewing, there are no sparkles or hot spots, and the material has a very broad viewing angle. It is intended to compete with displays that cost thousands of dollars for a low price. To help you decide which projector is best for you, we have compiled all the details required to assess the top screen projectors.

It’s also light enough to hang on drywall using a wall anchor if you don’t have access to a stud. It also includes stakes and cords to give it extra stability when you’re using it outside, though the frame is sturdy enough to stand up to light wind even without tying it down. While a motorized screen is a convenient choice for many, there are also a couple of downsides.

If you’re looking for something to add excitement to your pool party, birthday, or outdoor gathering, both kids and adults will love the fun of this affordable outdoor screen. If you’re looking for a screen you can take camping or set up in the backyard, the Elite Screens Pop-up Cinema is the one for you. We love that it’s extremely lightweight and portable, easily fitting into the included carrying case. When it’s movie time, you can set up the screen in no time at all, thanks to the spring-framed system. Included stakes and support rods mean it’ll stay in place outdoors, even in wind. Best Fixed Frame Projector Screen is a permanent mount, so it’s best for anyone looking for a screen that will remain in one place, such as in a basement or rec room.