Typically the fraudster will tell the investor that the security will earn significant funds, producing fabricated documents to further their scheme. You’ve already lost so much at the hands of those you thought you could trust. We also utilize a broad network of experts to gather as much information as we can to support your case. Work with financial experts who will calculate the extent of your damages and offer testimony regarding the securities fraud. If your advisor breached these duties, our attorneys may be able to help you receive compensation for the damages you suffered.

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Studies have found that asset allocation explains more than 90% of a portfolio’s performance. Margin accounts may be sold to investors as a means of increasing their buying power to own more stock without full, immediate payment. Margin accounts are especially high risk for average investors seeking to build portfolios for retirement. Investors may suffer significant losses even in legitimate, consensual margin trading, although customers who agree to margin accounts are often not made fully aware of the risks. Brokers may also charge commissions on the sale of these securities to compensate for the deficit, further depleting investors’ resources. Bonds are debts sold by companies or government entities to investors to raise capital.

With that being said, decisions made by the arbitrators who hear your case will be final.

Securities and Investment Fraud FAQs

Sometimes unscrupulous stockbrokers and investment advisors take advantage of your trust, and you can find yourself facing the loss of your life savings. Whether your loss is due to unsuitable investment advice, conflicts of interest, or investment fraud, all you know is your retirement income is gone. If you suffered serious investment losses, you should consult with an investment fraud attorney immediately. The legal options available to you will depend on many different factors. In Coinbase class action lawsuit , negligence of a stockbroker is the reason why you’ve lost out on your investment.

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I am very thankful to Sabrina Thornburg and Andrew Felix for everything that they have done on my case. Sabrina kept in touch with me to let me know how everything was going and I am very happy with the service that she and Andrew provided. Review and analyze your financial statements to help determine if securities fraud occurred.

Your portfolio is overconcentrated in a particular industry, type of investment or specific investment product. Let McCarthy Lebit’s tax lawyers help you keep more of your settlement or award. Investment fraud is anybody trying to cheat somebody else out of their money.

What Are Common Types of Investment Fraud?

Most financial advisors are covered by the suitability rule, and other investment advisors are covered by the fiduciary duty rule. Almost every law firm will tell you its lawyers provide a “free initial consultation”, which usually means they’ll listen to your story and tell you how much they charge. We do an entire preliminary workup of your case, free of charge and without any obligation on your part to retain us. That’s the only way you and we can know whether you have valid and provable claims — the only kind of claims we handle. When customers offinancial servicesfirms notice investment losses, they are generally not familiar with the complex legal or regulatory issues that may constitute securities fraud, negligence, or other improper behavior.